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I love being an artist, especially right now.

We live in a brilliant era where anything we dream up is possible, and I’m proud to collaborate with those that build the grandest things. Creating artful experiences through design and technology has always been my life's passion – my work lights up souls at concerts, draws audiences at museums, and glows within stylish architectural spaces. My projects have gained international attention through some of the best media outlets including The Creators Project, Communication Arts, Motionographer, Stash, and Wired. 


As an entrepreneur, I value great leadership, and I’ve partnered with people I respect, each possessing diverse talents. With pleasure, I've dreamt up new ideas for my clients, like Nike, Google, Microsoft, and Disney.

Sharing my work and career advice with audiences is a profound honor, and I get into it. I’ve been the Keynote speaker at several conferences, colleges, as well as an adjunct professor.


I find joy in invention.  I adore creation. I am a terrible dancer.


My Honor


My Experience

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